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Buy Online Your Customized Carpet in Spain


Synthetic fibers are created with the intention of being a substitute for Wool. With this type of fibers you can create carpets with very different styles and designs such as long-haired carpets, moquette, washable carpets, outdoor carpets ....

The most well-known fabrics of synthetic fibers are polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, chenille and synthetic viscose, acrylic and vinyl.

A remarkable property of some carpets of synthetic fibers is that by their manufacturing process and composition, they can be placed in outdoor areas, as they withstand sunlight and humidity, such as terraces, gardens, attics, boats ... also these "outdoor" models are washable with water and neutral soap.


Wool is a type of natural fiber with the property that helps to preserve the ambient temperature, both in winter and in summer.Therefore, it provides a very characteristic sensation of comfort. It is remarkable the insulating function that it performs and the flame retardant properties that it possesses.

These fabrics retain their color well over time and also have the property of resilience, that is, the wool recovers its shape despite weighing considerable weights.

The fabrics of our web are optimal to realize them to measure, adapting practically to any type of decoration (Contemporary, Shabby Chic, Minimalist, ....)

Easy maintenance and cleaning, the carpets of Wool is a very good option for zones with a lot of passage , both domestic (hall, corridors, salons) and commercial (hotels, stores.)


The carpets of vegetable fibers (Sisal, Coconut, Jute ....) have become an element increasingly used in the decoration of spaces, not only in those of rustic style, but also in places where What is sought is to look for a fabric that brings light and clarity.

Very resistant to use to install it in areas of much passage as hall and corridors, as well as commercial use, either in hotels or cottages, as in shops. Also for the feeling of comfort that they give off, it is usual to see it in living rooms and bedrooms.

This type of fabric is designed intermingling the weft with warps to create different patterns, such as spikes, loops ... that adapt to the tastes and needs of the client transforming spaces into cozy and cheerful places.


Our collection of Custom Leather Rugs will help you build different and unique spaces, made from Norman bull, gazelle or blesbock skins raised on farms in northern Europe.

The whole process of curing, dyeing and making is done in Spain, getting carpets of great quality and durability. You can make your own rugs from your own designs or from the union of some skins with others, Patchwork style, with which we can get carpets of large sizes or with great possibility of combination of colors.

This type of leather rugs provide an avant-garde style, giving the room where a bold, modern and sophisticated air is installed, transmitting elegance in all its possibilities. In addition, they have a thickness of about 3 mm and a resistance to high domestic use, so we can locate them in areas of much passage of our home.

From ALFOMBRAS A LA CARTA we want to help you decide on the carpet you like without fear of being wrong. We have two options:
BUY your sample with your preferred border 9,90€ (Envío gratuito).
We will reimburse you the cost if you purchase the requested sample carpet
Buy Sample Before Order your Custom Rug

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Alfombrasalacarta.com is a website of the group Mundoalfombra family company with extensive experience in the textile sector.

Since 2003 we have our online store, offering the possibility of custom rugs and carpets.

We have made numerous projects both with private clients, as contract for Hotels, Shops, Rural Houses, Churches, and decoration and interior design professionals.

Currently our website is in Spanish, for any questions or inquiries, contact us through info@alfombrasalacarta.com, or Phone (+34) 966108464.


We are the online portal where you can customize your carpets through our simulator, choosing the fabric base that you like, and combining it with the different types of finishes that we offer.


Currently our website is written in Spanish but you can contact us in English through our mail info@alfombrasalacarta.com or phone (0034) 966108464.


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